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  • Nutrition for your world

    Developed by acclaimed dietitian Silvia Bonome, Nutrimundo works with your body’s natural ability to function at its best, fight disease and thrive. A simple, proven approach, based on science and formulated specifically for you.

  • Do the Nutrimundo® Program

    Use the power of food to reach peak performance in your workouts,
    sports and everyday activities.

  • Nutrition for your world

    Achieve the ideal weight for every stage of your life…
    the weight that’s right for you!

  • Nutrition for your world

    Discover untapped resources that help your body heal,
    fight fatigue, shape up and simply be the best it can be.

  • Do the Nutrimundo® Program

    Do it solo, as a complement to medical treatment
    or even in combination with other diets.

  • Do the Nutrimundo® Program

    Fuel your body right... build muscle and protect bone density...
    avoid injury... Optimize performance... achieve your personal best.

  • Everybody loves Nutrimundo!


We focus on the body's own capacity to work at its best.
A distinctive approach based on science, experience in the field and, above all, proven results.

1. Flexible, adaptable and easy to follow 2. Dedicated coach and guide, every step of the way 3. Support tools for easy consultation  Make it yours!
Body Blog

Nutrimundo tells all! Read about popular diets, the success stories, sports nutrition, heart health, good food, great recipes and everything related to human nutrition.

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Intelligent Nutrition

Our services provide nutrition solutions for every stage of life. See how we can help you lose body fat, build muscle, regulate digestion, treat disease, and much more.

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Get 1 Free Session

Welcome! Join the Nutrimundo community, sign-in and then complete your Diet Profile in 5 simple steps. You will get 1 FREE follow-up consultation with Silvia Bonome!

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Test Your Knowledge!

Take a Quiz or Two or Three...Test your nutrition smarts here! Polish up on your knowledge and learn more along the way... Beat your best scores and ranking too!

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"Thanks to Nutrimundo I ran my first full marathon in under 4 hours time! To think I couldn't bend forward to tie up my work boots just two years ago!

...Nutrimundo helped me make my body work. I lost the fat and gained the power to train properly and finish my races in top form."

Leo Novielli, Montreal

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