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Inside Our Company

Silvia Bonome is honoured to represent the Dietitians of Canada in their National Campaign Poster promoting the experts in nutrition.

Silvia Bonome, dietitian and counselor is a graduate of the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition of McGill University, a certified member of the Dietitians of Canada and of the OPDQ (Ordre professionnelle des diététistes du Québec). Silvia, a Montrealer, has worked in nutrition consulting, teaching and counseling for 20 years; having treated thousands of people, male and female of all ages. Having extensive experience with child nutrition in her practice, Silvia has participated in major child obesity studies affiliated with the Montreal Children's Hospital. In collaboration with McGill University, Silvia participates in the University's Professional Practice Stage (Internship) in Dietetics and Human Nutrition where she mentors selected McGill graduating students. Silvia spends a greater part of the week at her Nutrimundo head office in Westmount / Montreal. She has established a full practice with an exceptional network of medical experts who rely on her expertise as part of treatment for their patients.

Our Commitment

On a Mission for Nutrition

Empowering consumers with nutritional education, we aim to guide every individual towards making their own body work better, mentally and physically and to obtain results by using the right nutritional approach specifically formulated for them.

Our Commitment:

Enjoying life, appreciating food, and eating right.
Increasing consumer awareness and responding to consumers' concerns.
Promoting nutrition and other health services.
Developing content and research with professional and editorial integrity.

Nutrimundo Genesis Story

What People are Saying About Us

Testimonial 2013

"Thank you Silvia and Nutrimundo for helping me lose over 30lbs this year. I'm confident the next 30lbs of body fat will be even easier to lose because I know for sure that my body is finally working like it should. Your 'results-oriented program' helped me make the changes I needed to instill habits that are now difficult to reverse. I'm most amazed by my blood test cholesterol and sugars are already back to normal...even my GP is impressed! Thank you for your commitment to me."
S.M., age 43, Montreal

"Thanks to Nutrimundo I ran my first full marathon in 2013 and in under 4 hours time! To think I couldn't bend forward to tie up my work boots just two years ago! Nutrimundo helped me make my body work. I lost the fat and gained the power to train properly and finish my races in top form."
Leo Novielli, Montreal